A Hybrid Recommender System for Improving Automatic Playlist Continuation

Anna Gatzioura, Joao Vinagre, Alipio Mario Jorge, Miquel Sanchez-Marre
2019 IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering  
Although widely used, the majority of current music recommender systems still focus on recommendations' accuracy, user preferences and isolated item characteristics, without evaluating other important factors, like the joint item selections and the recommendation moment. However, when it comes to playlist recommendations, additional dimensions, as well as the notion of user experience and perception, should be taken into account to improve recommendations' quality. In this work, HybA, a hybrid
more » ... ecommender system for automatic playlist continuation, that combines Latent Dirichlet Allocation and Case-Based Reasoning, is proposed. This system aims to address "similar concepts" rather than similar users. More than generating a playlist based on user requirements, like automatic playlist generation methods, HybA identifies the semantic characteristics of a started playlist and reuses the most similar past ones, to recommend relevant playlist continuations. In addition, support to beyond accuracy dimensions, like increased coherence or diverse items' discovery, is provided. To overcome the semantic gap between music descriptions and user preferences, identify playlist structures and capture songs' similarity, a graph model is used. Experiments on real datasets have shown that the proposed algorithm is able to outperform other state of the art techniques, in terms of accuracy, while balancing between diversity and coherence.
doi:10.1109/tkde.2019.2952099 fatcat:rb2jg5rhnbgsvbra2uvqxohgtq