An Efficient Scheme of Lighting For Power Plant By Using Dialux

Nilesh Deokar, Harpeet Singh, Gauri Karanjgokar
2007 International Journal of Advanced Research in Electrical, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering (An ISO   unpublished
Lighting or illumination in the past is considered as a routine job with average considerations. As technology advances, this genre of engineering has raised expectations of common as well as industrial clique. Beyond a mere source of light and aesthetics views, illumination is being treated as one of the most important issues. Industrial lighting systems are installed for the purpose of providing energy efficient illumination in quality and quantity sufficient for safety and also to increase
more » ... also to increase visibility and productivity within a pleasant environment. There are no absolute guidelines which may be applied to the selection of a particular lighting strategy for most industrial buildings. It is frequently necessary to employ several different lighting methods to effectively meet the design objectives. To solve a lighting design problem, one can try a variety of solutions in a trial-and-error basis approach to problem solving, but this is not an organized procedure. For any design problem, a rational, efficient and professional approach to problem solving provides consistently good lighting design.