Enhancing the Performance of Memetic Algorithms by Using a Matching-Based Recombination Algorithm [chapter]

Regina Berretta, Carlos Cotta, Pablo Moscato
2003 Applied Optimization  
The Number Partitioning Problem (MNP) remains as one of the simplest-to-describe yet hardest-to-solve combinatorial optimization problems. In this work we use the MNP as a surrogate for several related real-world problems, in order to test new heuristics ideas. To be precise, we study the use of weight-matching techniques in order to devise smart memetic operators. Several options are considered and evaluated for that purpose. The positive computational results indicate that -despite the MNP
more » ... -despite the MNP may be not the best scenario for exploiting these ideas-the proposed operators can be really promising tools for dealing with more complex problems of the same family.
doi:10.1007/978-1-4757-4137-7_4 fatcat:zqq5lk5gvzc5jaofcfke2f6s6q