The Food Industry in Ghana: Demystifying the Innovation and Quality Conundrum

2019 Journal of Economics and Sustainable Development  
Most part of the food industry remains a "black box". Adding to it is the level of confusion that surrounds the industry in Ghana. The food industry in Ghana is just at the take off stage of its development. Meanwhile the country plays a vital role in the international arena, thereby heightening the debate over the need for total quality management (TQM) and innovation in the industry, especially proffering a model that can help to properly judge activities of the industry. That said, this
more » ... using extensive review of literature has established the Dynamic Quality Model (DQM) and the Sustainable Innovation Model (SIM) as measures and analytical frameworks for quality and innovation. The DQM comprises nineteen variables that are grouped into two categories -endogenous and exogenous factors. The SIM however comprises eight variables. The study concludeS that the organizational factors, market factors and government are needed to effectively understand and analyze. Also, quality was considered highly essential if an innovation is to be absorbed by the market and help to achieve long run total factor productivity.
doi:10.7176/jesd/10-4-03 fatcat:e2m3kt76f5dvnoo3dp6pjzjai4