Boosted $H\rightarrow bb^-$ Tagger in Run II

Merve Sahinsoy
2017 Proceedings of 38th International Conference on High Energy Physics — PoS(ICHEP2016)   unpublished
Many searches for Higgs bosons decaying to b quark pairs benefit from the increased Run II centre-of-mass energy by exploiting the boosted kinematic regime at large transverse momenta of the Higgs boson, where the two b-jets are merged into one large radius (R) jet. ATLAS [1] uses a boosted H → bb tagger algorithm to separate Higgs signal from background processes (QCD, W and Z bosons, top quarks). The tagger takes as input a large R = 1.0 jet with calibrated pseudorapidity, energy and mass
more » ... e. It employs b-tagging, Higgs candidate mass, and substructure information. The performance of several operating points in Higgs boson signal, QCD, and tt all-hadronic backgrounds are presented. Systematic uncertainties are evaluated so that this tagger can be used in analyses.
doi:10.22323/1.282.1129 fatcat:ahjegbai5be7xn4raavejcccii