Energy Technology Exploration of Element Power Transmission and Distribution System

Minghao Zhang
2015 Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Mechatronics, Electronic, Industrial and Control Engineering   unpublished
This paper studies the carbon fiber structure, physical properties, chemical properties as well as classification of the carbon fibers and the application of carbon fiber, through appropriate material selection (the merits of the material), a large number of experiments (of manufacturing a heating element) and an accurate analysis of the experimental results, we have successfully combine the electrical properties of carbon fiber and soft performance of insulation materials, developed a body
more » ... h can be used for people to make a variety of heating, insulation clothes, gloves, knee pads and insoles and other products, some products just over a year sales and marketing, and achieved good economic and social benefits. Practice has proved, the product have good heat insulation properties of the product, the product technology is advanced, mature production technology can be widely used in all aspects of production and life, upon retrieval of the item product technology for domestic initiative.
doi:10.2991/meic-15.2015.297 fatcat:gqlky6lbd5cbbful7yt6lyu2i4