Determinants of visual attention and recall in observational learning by preschoolers and second graders

Steven R. Yussen
1974 Developmental Psychology  
Seventy-two preschoolers and 72 second graders observed a model choose his "favorites" in a series of common object trios and were then asked to recall the model's choices. Children at each age witnessed the procedure under a fixed level of distraction, under instructions either to 'look' or 'remember,' and under one of three vicarious consequence treatments (reward, neutral, punishment)._ A series of analyses of the children's overt visual attention to the modeled activity and their recall
more » ... aled: (1) highly significant positive correlations between attention and recall, (2) a facilitation of attention and recall with instructions to remember, (3) a facilitation of attention and recall under vicarious reward and vicarious punishment treatments only when instructions were to look, and (4) age increases in relevant overt attention and recall.
doi:10.1037/h0035552 fatcat:dxbonyixk5fqrhbzjv5lrcekda