Constructing a Virtual Proteasome [chapter]

Alexey Zaikin, Fabio Luciani, Jrgen Kurths
Biosimulation in Drug Development  
The proteasome is a barrel-shaped multi-subunit protease involved in the degradation of the ubiquitin-tagged proteins. Proteasomes play many important roles in the cellular metabolism, from regulation of the important proteins to generating antigenic peptides for the immune system. The prediction of the proteasome function can help in the treatment of cancer, immune system disorders and neurodegenerative diseases, hence the constructing of a virtual proteasome is a necessary task. Here we
more » ... several model approaches which allow the analytical or numerical prediction of the proteasome functioning. The review shed light on the-state-of-the-art of the proteasome modelling and discusses the perspectives of this research.
doi:10.1002/9783527622672.ch14 fatcat:mj7hcr26vza3zo36gcf2lhv3bm