Study of the railway vehicle suspension using the multibody method

2009 INCAS Bulletin  
The article presents a mathematical model for the study of a passenger coach hunting motion using the multibody approach. The model comprises the lateral displacement, rolling and yawing motions for the main constitutive elements: axles, bogies and case. The equation system is written applying energetic methods. The forced vibrations determined by the irregular profile of the tracks are considered. The wheel -rail contact forces are expressed using the creepage coefficients established
more » ... to Kalker's linear theory. The equations system is solved through numeric methods using specialized calculus programs. The response of the system -passenger coach on a tangent track, the critical speed and the influence of the constructive characteristics of the coach on its performances are determined.
doi:10.13111/2066-8201.2011.3.4.9 fatcat:mp7hjxmep5f3pdo2anhjywcwci