Estimation of blood loss during Caesarean section: an audit

Fauzia A Khan, Mueenullah Khan, Asif Ali, Ursula Chohan
To evaluate the blood ordering practice and blood transfusion for Caesarean sections at our institution and to compare the estimated blood loss between anaesthetists and obstetricians. A review of 126 patients undergoing both elective and emergency Caesarean section was undertaken in 2002. Information collected included the number of blood units cross-matched preoperatively, type of surgery (emergency or elective), type of anaesthesia, parity of the patient, estimated blood loss by both
more » ... tists and obstetricians, intraoperative and postoperative transfusion within 48 hours and pre and post operative haemoglobin (Hb) and haemocrit (Hct). A total of 215 units were cross-matched for 126 patients undergoing Caesarean section delivery. A small amount (9.5%) were transfused intraoperatively and 5.5% postoperatively. The average blood loss estimated by anaesthetists was 498 +/- 176 ml and that by obstetricians was 592 +/- 222 ml. The calculated blood loss based on patients blood volume and drop in Hct was 787 +/- 519 ml. The cross-match transfusion ratio was 9.7. Only 13% of our patients needed blood transfusion. The mean blood loss was estimated to be more by the obstetricians as compared to the anaesthetists. We recommend that the practice of routine cross-match practice prior to Caesarean section should be re-looked by institutions practicing obstetric anaesthesia.
pmid:17312645 fatcat:g53ve6svhva2nf5g3qmei7yhdm