Administración o asiento. La política estatal de suministros militares en la monarquía española del siglo XVIII

2013 Studia Historica: Historia Moderna  
Este trabajo forma parte del Proyecto de Investigación financiado por el Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad, HAR2011-23570. El objetivo es revisar la política de suministros militares de los estados europeos en el siglo XvIII desde una óptica de comparación. Sobre las actividades del grupo de investigación «Contractor State Group» veáse © Ediciones Universidad de Salamanca Stud. his., H.ª mod., 35, 2013, pp. 159-199 160 RAFAEl ToRRES SÁNCHEZ
more » ... N o ASIENTo sobre todo, que no obstaculizó el fortalecimiento del Estado y el ejercicio de su autoridad. ABSTRACT: one of the commonest handles on state construction in historical studies is to look at how the state solved its warfare resource mobilisation needs: by direct administration or by asiento (state contract) Thompson, for example, has related the decline of the Hapsburg state to the switch from a direct-administration to asiento system, just as the strength of the Bourbon state has been attributed to a greater role of direct administration over asientos. our aim in this article is to weigh this approach against the historical evidence. on the basis of studies of the eighteenth century we have concluded that the Bourbon state turned to asientos much more often than past historical research might have suggested. The supply cases analysed show that there was never a strict linear development in any direction, rather a continual fluctuation from one to the other. The reasons for this behaviour is because the limits between asientos and administration were much more blurred than has hitherto been thought and, above all, because it did not balk the strength of the state or the exercising of its authority.
doi:10.14201/shhmo201335159199 fatcat:oayojw5ke5fena6bbxx3aggbfq