The Extracts of Thoroughwort and Lobelia

1843 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
aware that the inspissated juices of these substances have ever been obtained ; if they have been, they are not enumerated in any of the Dispensatories and Pharmacopoeias with which I am acquainted. My object in obtaining these extracts was merely to ascertain their external sensible qualities, and lo produce the virtues of the thorougbwort and lobelia in a more concentrated form. I followed the common method of making other extracts, by first making a decoction in water, of the plants as they
more » ... re prepared by the Shakers, boiling away the decoction to one half its quantity, straining the liquor, and then evaporating it to the consistence of honey. An earthen gallipot placed upon a common cooking stove heated with bard coal, I found very convenient for evaporating the strained liquor. A nicer method of evaporating the decoction, is to place an evaporating
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