A Heterogeneous Inheritance System Based on Probabilities [report]

Fahiem Bacchus
1988 unpublished
A heterogeneous inheritance system is presented. Heterogeneous systems, in contrast to the homogeneous systems which have been the focus of recent research, make an explicit differentiation between strict IS-A links which do not allow exceptions and defeasible IS-A links which do. Some problems which arise in homogeneous systems, due to their lack of this distinction, are discussed. The inheritance system possesses a natural formal semantics which is based on a statistical interpretation of
more » ... terpretation of probabilities. The semantics gives meaning to all of the pieces of the system and resolves certain ambiguities present in inheritance systems. The system is not limited to acyclic inheritance nets, and can be further generalized through its foundation in a more general formal logic.
doi:10.21236/ada250599 fatcat:pz3glg3lzbb4hhacmo3oqzkppa