Changes in the Volatile Flavor Components of Satsuma Mandarin Fruit during Maturation

Hiroshi DAITO, Kunihisa MORINAGA
1984 Engei Gakkai zasshi  
Changes in flavor and aroma components and their relationships to maturation in satsuma mandarin (Citrus unshiu Marc.) fruit were investigated. Fruit of 'Sugiyama unshu', a mid maturing cultivar, were sampled from sunshine and shade positions in the tree canopy, at intervals of about 1 month, from August 4 to December 11, 1978. 1. Percentage variations in volatile flavor components of peel. In the peel of sunshine-fruits, the most pronounced percentage variations were found in d-limonene and
more » ... n d-limonene and terpinene. d-Limonene increased gradually, while terpinene decreased rapidly till early October, and thereafter they remained relatively constant. a-Pinene decreased from August to September, and thereafter, it remained relatively constant together with 8-elemene, decyl aldehyde, perillyl aldehyde and
doi:10.2503/jjshs.53.141 fatcat:trl5hno5ajf7pkqpt4myivwn3m