Let a Thousand Nomoi Bloom? Four Problems with Robert Cover's Nomos and Narrative

Thom Brooks
2006 Issues in Legal Scholarship  
Robert Cover's well known article Nomos and Narrative is a passionately argued defense of a new way of applying narrative to the philosophy and understanding of law. In my article, I argue that there are four major problems which lie at the heart of Cover's analysis. Each problem addresses a major area of his overall view of law. I try to demonstrate that in each case, if the problem is real, Cover's view of law should be rejected. The primary difficulty is analytical and argumentative
more » ... s in Cover's arguments. My conclusion is simple: Cover's view of law is both underdeveloped and theoretically unsafe. It falls victim to each of the four problems I identify. As a result, his philosophy of law should be rejected tout court.
doi:10.2202/1539-8323.1071 fatcat:exepv3nobvekrkf7b4slmknvam