Identification of an MHC Class I Ligand for the Single Member of a Killer Cell Lectin-like Receptor Family, KLRH1

M. R. Daws, K.-Z. Dai, S. Zinocker, C. Naper, L. Kveberg, H. J. Hedrich, B. Rolstad, J. T. Vaage
2012 Journal of Immunology  
Natural killer cells are able to recognize and kill target cells according to differences in MHC class I expression. In rodents, the Ly49 receptors are primarily responsible for this MHC differentiation. We previously described the cloning of a novel C-type lectin-like receptor, KLRH1, encoded in the NK complex adjacent to the Ly49 genes and expressed by subsets of NK and NKT cells. MHC influence on selection of KLRH1 + NK cells in congenic strains suggested that KLRH1 may have an MHC ligand,
more » ... ve an MHC ligand, although we were unable to identify any such ligand. In this study, we have used a sensitive reporter system and Fc fusion protein to demonstrate that KLRH1 binds specifically to the classical MHC class I molecule RT1-A2 of the RT1 n haplotype. Cytolytic activity of KLRH1transfected RNK-16 cells was also inhibited by target cells expressing RT1-A2 n . Thus, KLRH1 represents a novel family of MHC allele-specific inhibitory receptors expressed by NK cells.
doi:10.4049/jimmunol.1201983 pmid:23100519 fatcat:gkh2hnlwdzc7bncdvqzxoi4egm