Visión de Futuro" Año 14, Volumen Nº 21

Vega De La Cruz, Leudis Orlando, Nieves Julbe, Any Flor, Pérez Pravia, Milagros Caridad, Vega De La Cruz, Orlando Pérez Pravia, Milagros Caridad, Nieves Julbe, Any Flor
It is a substantial objective of the economic and social model of a nation that the business system is constituted by well-organized and competitive companies that generate maximum satisfaction for the population. The present research creates the bases for the evaluation of the Internal Control System, of obligatory fulfillment for all the entities, that creates diverse actions that will contribute to a better administrative and accounting control. Its objective is to provide information
more » ... information regarding the degree of progress in the implementation of the components of the Internal Control System in the business sector. The methodology used with an approach of the Socioeconomic Management Model, as well as the analysis of the results of the implementation of the internal control was obtained with the application of the evaluation form of the system, in a hospital entity, the results of the maturity and efficacy index In general, they demonstrate a satisfactory and effective implementation of this system, becoming aware of and internalizing the importance of internal control as part of management, in order to achieve a more reliable entity whose service provides greater satisfaction to the citizen. "Visión de Futuro" Año 14, Volumen Nº 21, Nº2, Julio-Diciembre 2017-Pág. 231-248 URL de la Revista