Confessions of a young widow, Machado de Assis: contemporary visions

Alyson Carlos Santos
2015 ArReDia  
This summary aims to expose the provocation of Machado de Assis, with regard to the literary construction as social reflection, especially by setting up female profiles. What if it wants to analyze is the image and the position of Machado women specifically the story "Confessions of a young widow," 1985, by means of contemporary theories in order to show how the historic transition from bourgeois society to the current social polarization can be explained by women's composition in Machado de
more » ... is tale. Therefore, it seeks to explain the historical context of the work's composition time and assimilate it to aspects of contemporary society. In this sense, the work exposes the undeniable parallel between literature and politics at times considered and how these scenarios defined female behavior, allowing a comparative study of leading Machado feminism with multiculturalism and the (de)construction of female identity.
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