Global sustainable and responsible investment activities and strategies of companies

Lukas Vartiak
2017 New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Humanities and Social Sciences  
When companies invest their financial resources for gainful purposes, not all of their investment decisions are beneficial to the public welfare. Therefore, companies can invest in the new areas while also participating in the public welfare. This is embodied by the term sustainable and responsible investment (SRI). The aim of the paper is to identify SRI activities and strategies which should be included in the investment decision-making process of companies. The achievement of the aim is
more » ... ed by study of relevant documents and websites of the institutions dealing with SRI and SRI activities and strategies. Secondary research was mainly based on the analysis. The main finding is that existing SRI activities and strategies are not scrupulously CSR-oriented. As a result, SRI activities and strategies oriented on CSR areas are to be identified.
doi:10.18844/gjhss.v3i4.1610 fatcat:fkgkf5mwe5ehzbpeiuskop4peu