International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Studies 2016; 4(5): 96-97 Comparative study on proximate composition of cuttlefish species from Thoothukudi coast

Brita Nicy, Shanmugam Sa, Kanaga
Proximate profiles such as protein, carbohydrate, lipid and moisture content is often necessary to ensure that they meet the nutritional requirements essential for the growth and health of a living being. Hence, in the present study, the proximate compositions of three cuttlefish species from Thoothukudi coast were evaluated. Sepia prabahari had highest moisture level with a value 85.08±0.32 and S. ramani showed the lowest value (81.41±0.21). Protein content was highest in S. ramani with a
more » ... ramani with a value 16.474±0.46 and S. prabahari showed the lowest value (12.59±0.49). Ash was found to be higher in S. ramani (1.20±0.21) than the other two species. Carbohydrates were high in S. pharaonis (1.35±0.42) and low in S. ramani (0.71±0.10). Fat content ranged from 0.58±0.05 to 0.751±0.04 in the cuttlefish species. Thus, the present study showed that among the three cuttlefish species, Sepia ramani with highest protein content is nutritionally preferred.