Feeding behavior of Daphnia magna fed with Ankistrodesmus falcatus and Scenedesmus obliquus

Tayebeh Gholampour, Hossein Piri
Feeding of Daphnia magna with two unicellular green algae, Ankistrodesmus falcatus and Scenedesmus obliquus, was investigated. The experiment was conducted in three replications and under similar condition (Z-8 medium and 14L: 10D). The results indicated that the filtration rate by D. magna decreased with increasing algal concentration, but no significant difference between the two treatments was evident (p>0.05). Increase in algal concentration resulted into significant increase in the
more » ... ease in the ingestion and feeding rates of D. magna (p<0.05). The specific growth rate of D. magna fed with S. obliquus was significantly higher than those fed with A. falcatus (p<0.05); the maximum specific growth rate when fed with S. obliquus was observed in 6 mg/l. The survival rate of D. magna showed no significant difference between the two algal treatments (p>0.05). Based on the presented results, D. magna performed better when fed with S. obliquus.