Consequences of the financial economic crisis in the sphere of employment and measures to overcome them
Наслідки фінансово-економічної кризи у сфері зайнятості та заходи щодо їх подолання

V. L. Minenko, Kharkiv Regional Employment Center 1a, Battleship Potemkin Str., Kharkiv, 61068, Ukraine
2009 Ukrainian society  
The author considers peculiarities of the influence of the financial-economic crisis on the state in the sphere of employment in one of the eastern regions of Ukraine, the Kharkiv region, and analyzes the experience of a realization of a number of measures to overcome the crisis-induced phenomena.
doi:10.15407/socium2009.02.116 fatcat:zxtwjrzkg5difpvonfkulc77w4