Workwear Fabric Suitability to Molten Metal Industry

Bengi KUTLU, Tuğçem BİTGEN
In the scope of the foundry processes, there are vital risks when melting of metals at high temperatures, carrying this molten metal to molds and pouring it to molds. In this study, wide range of workwear materials which are used in foundries in Turkey were collected and their protection properties were investigated to observe their performances. Determining suitable material to molten metal processing was aimed. These workwear materials were produced from FR-cotton, cotton denim,
more » ... enim, modacrylic-viscose-FR cotton, meta-aramid, aluminized aramid, FR viscose-wool-polyamide and leather. Their performances were very different. Except from meta-aramid and both of the FR cotton fabrics, other fabrics failed flame spread. Contrary to flame spread, leather, aluminized aramid, FR viscose-wool-polyamide and cotton denim materials showed the highest values in molten metal splash test. Besides, leather had no air permeability but has some water vapor permeability and aluminized aramid has poor air and water permeabilities. ARTICLE HISTORY
doi:10.32710/tekstilvekonfeksiyon.738092 fatcat:qmjjernrfnag7bbxhyb4duoigm