Лингвокреативный характер профессиональной номинации

Елена Иосифовна Голованова
2020 Уральский филологический вестник  
The article analyzes the manifestations of linguocreative activity in the field of professional nomination, provides an overview of the characteristic trends and ways of creating innovations in professional areas of the language. The author considers the phenomena of anthropomorphization and zoomorphization of special objects, fixed in professional and professional jargon, as well as examples of the implementation of the metaphor of reification in the professional environment. Special attention
more » ... . Special attention is paid to the processes of secondary semiosis based on paronymic attraction, as well as to the peculiarities of correlation between General and special, concrete and abstract in professional names. It is argued that every professionalism and professional jargon in one way or another has the uniqueness and linguistic and creative potential.
doi:10.26170/ufv20-02-09 fatcat:dkvr7qtgmjcwhgjigbhjlldyvi