An Investigation on Cutting Forces and Surface Roughness during Hard Turning of AISI H13 Die Tool Steel with CBN Inserts using RSM

Pardeep Kumar, S Chauhan
International Journal of Advanced Engineering Research and Applications   unpublished
This experimental study focus on the assessment of machinability study of AISI H13 die tool steel with CBN inserts. The study explore the influence of machining parameters, tool nose radius and workpiece hardness (45HRC, 50 HRC & 55 HRC) on cutting forces and surface roughness during hard turning. To assess the effects of five-factors (cutting speed, feed rate, depth of cut, workpiece hardness and nose radius), a central composite design has been used for design of experimentation. For
more » ... al analysis, analysis of variance has been performed and mathematical model have been developed for surface roughness and cutting forces. The study showed that higher workpiece hardness generates better surface roughness, as well produced higher forces. Further feed rate, depth of cut and workpiece hardness found to be statistically significant on cutting forces. In addition desirability approach has been used to obtain the optimum results for surface roughness and cutting forces.