Congruence Filter Pairs, Adjoints and Leibniz Hierarchy [article]

Peter Arndt, Hugo Luiz Mariano, Darllan Conceição Pinto
2021 arXiv   pre-print
We review the notion of (finitary) filter pair as a tool for creating and analyzing logics. A filter pair can be seen as a presentation of a logic, given by presenting its lattice of theories as the image of a lattice homomorphism, with certain properties ensuring that the resulting logic is finitary and substitution invariant. Every finitary, substitution invariant logic arises from a filter pair. Particular classes of logics can be characterized as arising from special classes of filter
more » ... We consider so-called congruence filter pairs, i.e. filter pairs for which the domain of the lattice homomorphism is a lattice of congruences for some quasivariety. We show that the class of logics admitting a presentation by such a filter pair is exactly the class of logics having an algebraic semantics. We study the properties of a certain Galois connection coming with such filter pairs. We give criteria for a congruence filter pair to present a logic in some classes of the Leibniz hierarchy by means of this Galois connection, and its interplay with the Leibniz operator. As an application, we show a bridge theorem, stating that the amalgamation property implies the Craig interpolation property, for a certain class of logics including non-protoalgebraic logics.
arXiv:2109.01065v1 fatcat:3cxmtcpnebgpnmzo77wbila5oe