Picornaviral VPg sequences are contained in the replicase precursor

M A Pallansch, O M Kew, A C Palmenberg, F Golini, E Wimmer, R R Rueckert
1980 Journal of Virology  
It has previously been shown that the RNA replicase of encephalomyocarditis virus contains two virus-coded proteins, D and E, which are produced in two successive proteolytic steps: (i) C --D + ?; and (ii) D -* p22 + E. It is here shown (i) that virus protein H (molecular weight, 12,000) is the previously unidentified product of the first step and (ii) that VPg, a protein linked covalently to the virion RNA, yields two tryptic peptides found in protein C but not in protein D. The results
more » ... The results suggest that VPg is derived by cleavage of protein C and that protein H may be an intermediate. Preliminary experiments with VPg sequences in polioviral noncapsid protein lb, the counterpart of encephalomyocarditis viral protein C, were inconclusive.
doi:10.1128/jvi.35.2.414-419.1980 fatcat:mychonbuezf5rfb3dmo5a5rw6a