The Health of Scholars: With Special Reference To the Education Code and the Board of Education Act, 1899

Arthur Newsholme
1900 Journal of the Sanitary Institute  
To secure the greatest economy of effort and the maximum result, measures for the promotion of the national health and for the prevention of disease should be in the directions in which there is the greatest scope for their operation. From this utilitarian standpoint, it is obvious that efforts to secure the highest standard of health among tlie young are of supreme importance, as upon the conditions under which they live during the first fifteeu-and more particularly the first ten-years of
more » ... r life depend very largely their future prospects of good or ill health, of long or short life. Looking at the problem still from the same standpoint, it is clear that while from one-third to one-half of each day is spent under the conditions of homelife, about one-fifth of each school-day is spent under the conditions of sclool-life. The study of the conditions determining a healthy school-life is therefore only second in Importallce to that of the conditions of healthy home-life. Jn attempting to open a discussion oil this important subject, one must clearly clefile for oneself certain limitations, as it would be impracticable, even it were profitable, to roam over the whole subject of the hygiene of school-life, including as it does important considerations of morals and of psychology, as well as of what is more commonly known as hygiene. It will L think be advantageous for mc to cunfine my attention chiefly to the hllysical side of school hygiene, especially in view of the fact that we arc met together this evening to at Mount Royal University on June 14, 2015 Downloaded from
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