Research on Real-time video multiple hops relay transmission in Wireless Ad Hoc Network

Tao Yang, Youfeng Gu
2015 Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Automation, Mechanical Control and Computational Engineering   unpublished
The transmission of real-time video need a stable link and is also very sensitive to delay and packet loss, this is a huge challenge to wireless ad hoc network[1,2,3] which has dynamic network topology and limited bandwidth. In this paper, a method to transmit video streams in multi-hop network is proposed which set a relay node every three hops on the path of each flow. The relay nodes are responsible to repair the video data and then forward the packets to next nodes. This method can improve
more » ... he video quality in the receiver by increasing the video packet delivery ratio, and even can realize video transmission from one node to several nodes.
doi:10.2991/amcce-15.2015.345 fatcat:d4eepud4f5f2hgnw32g5hm3cyu