Software Framework for Prototyping Embedded Integrated Vehicle Health Management Applications

T. Sreenuch, A. Tsourdos, I. K. Jennions
2014 Journal of Aerospace Information Systems  
Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM) is a major component in a new future fleet management paradigm where a conscious effort is made to shift aircraft maintenance from an unscheduled, reactive approach at the time of failure to a more proactive and predictive approach. Its goal is to maximize fleet operational availability while minimizing logistics footprint through monitoring deterioration of equipment conditions. A comprehensive IVHM system will be executed in an environment that
more » ... des different sensor technologies, multiple information systems and different data models. IVHM implementers have therefore to deal with an integration problem that involves different specialized algorithms and embedded hardware platforms. IVHM applications will have common execution logic and many will share the same data processing algorithms, hence development productivity and quality of IVHM applications can be increased through reusable software building blocks and algorithm libraries, or in particular by using a software development framework. This paper presents an approach to distributed IVHM systems that offers reusable software architecture for a class of IVHM applications. The focus of this paper deals with an open software framework for development of IVHM applications stemming from the Open System Architecture for Condition Based Maintenance (OSA-CBM) specification, which is an architecture promoting interoperability, and a component framework that enables reuse, data process partitioning, configuration and rapid prototyping. The (Sreenuch et al, 2012a) 2 framework is developed using Java and Internet Communications Engine (ICE) distributed middleware and its application is demonstrated through a gearbox health monitoring system, where the IVHM software is deployed on the distributed embedded devices. This approach provides software enabled capability to distribute/re-configure the IVHM data process (through the OSA-CBM common interface and data model) across the hardware platforms to meet the given system configuration. The performance evaluation for the test example shows negligible overhead in CPU, bandwidth and latency when using the framework. ReceiveFunction 1 -recvData 1 Received Data
doi:10.2514/1.i010046 fatcat:baedzxwgzvgapazki7ntoqkpxe