A Comprehensive Survey on Deep Gait Recognition: Algorithms, Datasets and Challenges [article]

Chuanfu Shen, Shiqi Yu, Jilong Wang, George Q. Huang, Liang Wang
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Gait recognition aims at identifying a person at a distance through visual cameras. With the emergence of deep learning, significant advancements in gait recognition have achieved inspiring success in many scenarios by utilizing deep learning techniques. Nevertheless, the increasing need for video surveillance introduces more challenges, including robust recognition under various variances, modeling motion information in gait sequences, unfair performance comparison due to protocol variances,
more » ... ometrics security, and privacy prevention. This paper provides a comprehensive survey of deep learning for gait recognition. We first present the odyssey of gait recognition from traditional algorithms to deep models, providing explicit knowledge of the whole workflow of a gait recognition system. Then deep learning for gait recognition is discussed from the perspective of deep representations and architecture with an in-depth summary. Specifically, deep gait representations are categorized into static and dynamic features, while deep architectures include single-stream and multi-stream architecture. Following our proposed taxonomy with novelty, it can be beneficial for providing inspiration and promoting the perception of deep gait recognition. Besides, we also present a comprehensive summary of all vision-based gait datasets and the performance analysis. Finally, the article discusses some open issues with significant potential prospects.
arXiv:2206.13732v1 fatcat:cvat2gdvfrbubkhsfybpk7qvzm