Design of Single Mode Photonic Crystal Fiber with Outstanding Characteristics of Confinement Loss and Chromatic Dispersion over S to L Communication Band

R Sanjari, M Pourmahyabadi
2016 Iranian Journal of Electrical & Electronic Engineering   unpublished
In this article, a novel structure of photonic crystal fiber with nearly zero ultra-flattened chromatic dispersion and ultra-low confinement loss is presented. By replacing the circular air-holes of two first rings with the elliptical air-holes, a fiber with outstanding features of chromatic dispersion and confinement loss is designed. The proposed structure is optimized for operating in a wide wavelength range covering S, C, and L communications bands. Finite Difference Frequency Domain (FDFD)
more » ... solver is applied to analyze the proposed fiber components. The designed fiber exhibits a chromatic dispersion of-0.12 ps/nm/km at 1.55 µm along with a slope of 0.002 ps/nm 2 /km. Also, the other remarkable feature of this fiber is ultra-low confinement loss in order of 10-5 dB/km around λ = 1.55 µm.