A SIR Mathematical Model of Dengue Transmission and Its Simulation

Asmaidi Asmaidi, Paian Sianturi, Endar Hasafah Nugrahani
2014 IOSR Journal of Mathematics  
In this paper developed a mathematical model of the spread of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) SIR type, where SIR is an abbreviation of susceptible (S), infected (I) and recovered (R). Results of analysis and simulation obtained two fixed points, namely the disease-free quilibrium and endemic equilibrium. Human population, mosquitoes and mosquito eggs stable around the disease-free quilibrium when ℛ 0 < 1 and stable around the endemic equilibrium point when ℛ 0 > 1. Increased of mosquitoes
more » ... ity rate can reduce the value of the basic reproduction number.
doi:10.9790/5728-10525665 fatcat:wytb3mc4m5byhajsnqidfiqu5i