Comparison of the Detection Performance of Three Nonlinear Crystals for the Electro-optic Sampling of a FEL-THz Source

Bang Wu, Lei Cao, Qiang Fu, Ping Tan, Yongqian Xiong, Petit-Jean-Genaz, Christine (Ed.), Arduini, Gianluigi (Ed.), Michel, Peter (Ed.), Schaa, Volker RW (Ed.)
The detector of a FEL-THz source at HUST is now in the physical design stage. The electro-optic (EO) sampling method will be employed for the coherent detection. The performances of three widely used EO crystals will be evaluated and compared numerically in the time domain detection: zinc telluride (ZnTe), gallium arsenide (GaAs) and gallium phosphide (GaP). The phase matching properties are analyzed to find the appropriate probe wavelength. The EO detection response is calculated to select the
more » ... suitable crystal thickness and to discuss the detection ability of each crystal.
doi:10.18429/jacow-ipac2014-thpro017 fatcat:m6thze3oxrdplimwtjdriec4ny