Hereditary Hearing Loss and Deafness Genes in Japan

Taku Ito, Yoshihiro Noguchi, Takatoshi Yashima, Kazuchika Ohno, Ken Kitamura
2010 Journal of Medical and Dental Sciences  
Hearing loss (HL) is the most common sensory i m p a i r m e n t o c c u r r i n g a t b i r t h i n d e v e l o p e d countries. Epidemiological data show that more than one child in 1000 is born with HL, while more than 50% of prelingual HL cases are found to be hereditary. Approximately 70% of hereditary HL is nonsyndromic and subdivided to autosomal dominant (20%), autosomal recessive (75%), X-linked HL (1%), and maternally-inherited HL associated with the mitochondrial DNA mutation. More
more » ... an 10 deafness genes have been reported to be responsible for nonsyndromic hereditary HL in Japan. Among them, the most prevalent causative genes, GJB2 and the mitochondrial DNA 12SrRNA are introduced. In addition, this study also refers to the specific genes responsible for the unique audiogram, mainly WFS1. Finally, the genes related to the enlargement of vestibular aqueduct of inner ear abnormality, SLC26A4, EYA1 and SIX1 are discussed. The clinical and genetic findings associated with these disorders i n c l u d i n g t h e r e s u l t s o f a r e c e n t s t u d y a r e reviewed.
doi:10.11480/jmds.570101 fatcat:gmdvcnfatjhb7biiff5bxljfuu