Fundamentals of Collection Development and Management

John Kennedy
2015 Australian Academic and Research Libraries  
This is the third edition of the authorative standard collection development and management textbook. In this sweeping revision, expert instructor and librarian Peggy Johnson addresses the art of controlling and updating library collections, whether located locally or accessed remotely. Each chapter offers complete coverage of one aspect of collection development and management, including numerous suggestions for further reading and narrative case studies exploring the issues. Johnson
more » ... considers: • Traditional management topics such as organization of the collection, weeding, staffing and policymaking • Maintaining productive relationships with vendors and publishers, and other important purchasing and budgeting topics • The effects of rapidly changing information delivery and access technologies, the evolving needs and expectations of library users and new roles for subject specialists. Johnson offers a comprehensive tour of this essential discipline and situates the fundamental ideas of collection development and management in a historical and theoretical perspective, bringing this modern classic fully up to date. The book also includes sample collection development policy statements, contracts, licensing terms, selection aids and professional resources. Readership: LIs students and librarians worldwide.
doi:10.1080/00048623.2015.1031628 fatcat:rop4yj6my5d3tcnsp5i6oxl2da