Testing Visual Abilities Of Machines - Visual Intelligence Tests

Zbigniew Les, Magdalena Les
2007 Zenodo  
Intelligence tests are series of tasks designed to measure the capacity to make abstractions, to learn, and to deal with novel situations. Testing of the visual abilities of the shape understanding system (SUS) is performed based on the visual intelligence tests. In this paper the progressive matrices tests are formulated as tasks given to SUS. These tests require good visual problem solving abilities of the human subject. SUS solves these tests by performing complex visual reasoning
more » ... g the visual forms (tests) into the string forms. The experiment proved that the proposed method, which is part of the SUS visual understanding abilities, can solve a test that is very difficult for human subject.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1062264 fatcat:nhsa2v5bwvhmvpv3alwrlhwgdi