Solar Cell Efficiency Enhancement through Down-Shifting and Up-Converting Layers. -The EPHOCELL Project; Luminescent Downshifting Quantum Yield Measurements

M. Kennedy, L. Aubouy, D. Gutierrez-Tauste, A.B. Jorge, M. Faccini, G. Noriega, M.L. Di Lorenzo, M. Cocca, M. Avella, M.E. Errico, G. Gentile, J. Doran (+9 others)
Organic cells and dye-sensitized cells developed to-date have a narrow active absorption range, relative to the spectral range of the available solar resource. Their efficiency could be significantly enhanced through a process of down-shifting (DS) and up-conversion of non-absorbable photons converting them to photons better matching the spectral response of the particular solar cell. The DS molecules must exhibit a large Stokes shift and high luminescent quantum yield when incorporated in the
more » ... ownshifting polymer layer. In this paper, the QY of a downshifting Europium (III) complex in solution is determined using two distinct experimental techniques. The QY is measured for varying concentration and at varying excitation wavelength.
doi:10.4229/25theupvsec2010-1dv.4.48 fatcat:kqs33b3zknaphc3dl4b3an4f54