1867 The Lancet  
99 in THE LANCET (vol. i. page 632) as far back as 1862. I then strongly recommended the issue of preserved potatoes to ship's companies in all vessels proceeding to China, and on other long voyages. I also recommended the use of condensed water in all cases where good and pure water could not be obtained. As you remark, " when distillation cannot be resorted to, every means should be taken to purify river or I , well-water by hltration, boiling, and the use of permanganate of potash, of which
more » ... f potash, of which there should be a supply in all ships." Were these and other simple suggestions attended to, and good lime-juice regularly issued, we should henceforth hear less of the appalling sickness and mortality of our seamen from cholera, diarrhœa, dysentery, and scurvy, which last has been long unknown in the Royal Navy. This question has recently been most ably discussed, and I trust that the present Government may show itself conservative in the best sense, and pass such stringent legislative measures as the great importance of the subject demands. I am, Sir, your most obedient servant, Kidderminster, 15th Jan., 1857.
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