Compatibility study of slag cement with PCE based admixtures

Abdul Razak, Babu Venkatesh, Shashikumara
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology   unpublished
Admixture-Cement interaction in concrete is a complex blend of chemical and physical mechanism that are independent. Every admixture at optimum dosage gives better results when used with cement. The proposed research work is aimed at testing compatibility of slag cement at different dosages with PCE based admixtures. It was found that The Combination 80% Cement With 20% GGBS Are More Compatible Compared To All The Optimum Dosage Combinations. 1. Literature Review M.M.Alonso (1) studied the
more » ... 1) studied the effect of the structural differences in Polycarboxylate and Polyether admixtures on the rheological properties of cement pastes with different chemical and mineralogical compositions and different active additions. It was observed that the cement pastes which contained granulated blast furnace slag showed the highest rises in flowability. M.K.Maroliya (2) studied the change in ingredients contents of concrete like sand and cement under the influence of plasticizers and superplasticizers at various dosages level. It was also observed that plasticizers enhanced the compressive strength at reduced water-cement ratio in addition to improved workability at constant water cement ratio. Reduction in cement content was achieved with increase in sand content to overcome bleeding and segregation. S.Sheela(3) studied the workability and strength behavior of superplasticized concrete and conventional concrete both in fresh and hardened states. It was also observed that the use of superplasticizer can increase the workability and strength without increasing the water cement ratio. It was also concluded that non destructive testing values were in good agreement with the strength behavior of superplasticized concrete for destructive testing. Janardhana Maganti and V.Silva Prasada Raju(4) studied compatibility of Sulphonated Naphthalene Formaldehyde and Lignosulphonates based superplasticizer with Portland slag cements. It was observed that the different brands of cements behaved differently even if the coarse and fine aggregates, water and family of chemical admixture and the method of concrete mix design were kept constant.