A corpus of Schlieren photography of speech production: potential methodology to study aerodynamics of labial, nasal and vocalic processes

Fabian Tomaschek, Denis Arnold, Konstantin Sering, Friedolin Strauss
2021 Language Resources and Evaluation  
AbstractThis report presents a corpus of articulations recorded with Schlieren photography, a recording technique to visualize aeroflow dynamics for two purposes. First, as a means to investigate aerodynamic processes during speech production without any obstruction of the lips and the nose. Second, to provide material for lecturers of phonetics to illustrates these aerodynamic processes. Speech production was recorded with 10 kHz frame rate for statistical video analyses. Downsampled videos
more » ... 0 Hz) were uplodad to a youtube channel for illustrative purposes. Preliminary analyses demonstrate potential in applying Schlieren photography in research.
doi:10.1007/s10579-021-09550-8 fatcat:uqxsc7nhnvgyxi2t3rwzjrrh7i