New Results from the Isospin Analysis of B→ππ Decays(Program of YITP workshop on CP Violatino and Matter and Anti-Matter Asymmetry)

Zhi-zhong Xing, He Zhang
2005 Soryushiron Kenkyu Electronics  
We present an algebraic isospin approach towards a more straightforward and model-independent determination of the weak phase a (or 02) and QCD penguin pollution in B -TT decays. The world ayerages ofcuTrent experimental data allow u$ to impose some useful constralnts on the isospin parameters of B -ffT transitions. We find that the magnitude of a (or ip2) extracted from the inclirect CP violation in T+T-nlode is in agreement with the standard-model expectation from other indirect measurements,
more » ... but its four-fo]d discrete ambigtiity has to be reselved iTi the near future. [l] The majer goal of KEK and SLAC B-meson factories is to test the Kobayashi-Maskawa mechanism of CP violation [11 within the standard model and to detect possible new sources of CP violationbeyond the stand ard model. An elegant description of CP violation lll B physics is the unitarity triangle defined by the fbllowing orthogonality
doi:10.24532/soken.111.5_e35 fatcat:i2i6kvufhfalxatpxvxmdvzokq