Recent Literature An Introduction to Dermatology . By Norman Walker, M.D., Edinburgh. With 49 full-page plates and 50 illustrations in the text. Third edition, revised and enlarged. New York: William Wood & Co. 1905

1905 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
of Chicago, has taken the justifiable liberty of adding certain practical points, particularly in relation to treatment, diagnosis, urinary analysis and the surgical treatment of nephritis. The editor has likewise added a few pages on Cryoscopy and Phloridzin Glycosuria. Professor Litten's part of the volume has been left essentially as he wrote it, although the subjects of which he treated have undergone modifications within the past few years. Certain additions have, however, been made to bring the subject matter more up to date.
doi:10.1056/nejm190510121531508 fatcat:czka6c3lkbe4zo5z3vz3c53afu