Prescriptive Bio-Based Earth Mortar Composites as a Buffer for Internal Thermal Comfort

Abbie Romano, Michael Riley, Ana Bras
To decarbonise the current building stock, action is required in order to utilise natural resources as retrofitting tools. This research paper uses bio-based insulation samples in combination with an earth mortar in order to create a hygric buffer to improve thermal comfort within residential properties and select the best performing bio-fibre. Three different bio-fibres were used (Saw Mill Residue and two different types of sheep wool: Wool 1 and Wool 2) in addition to 2 different mix designs
more » ... nd a plain control sample. Bio-fibres were characterised using SEM imaging to define surface morphology as an indication of the materials characteristics. Moisture buffering value (MBV) (where samples were exposed to step changes in relative humidity of 75% and 53% for 8 and 16 hours respectively) was also conducted to give a greater understanding of the dynamic way in which water is transported through the panel. Capillary action was also measured as an indication of the short, medium and long-term deformation water has on earthen-based construction. From 8 different mix designs, M1 SMR was selected for further experimentation.
doi:10.29007/xzwk fatcat:4olv4adpdbdalofa4apyarqqzu