Robust Arbitrary-View Gait Recognition Based on 3D Partial Similarity Matching

Jin Tang, Jian Luo, Tardi Tjahjadi, Fan Guo
2017 IEEE Transactions on Image Processing  
Existing view-invariant gait recognition methods encounter difficulties due to limited number of available gait views and varying conditions during training. This paper proposes gait partial similarity matching that assumes a 3-dimensional (3D) object shares common view surfaces in significantly different views. Detecting such surfaces aids the extraction of gait features from multiple views. 3D parametric body models are morphed by pose and shape deformation from a template model using
more » ... ional (2D) gait silhouette as observation. The gait pose is estimated by a level set energy cost function from silhouettes including incomplete ones. Body shape deformation is achieved via Laplacian deformation energy function associated with inpainting gait silhouettes. Partial gait silhouettes in different views are extracted by gait partial region of interest elements selection and re-projected onto 2D space to construct partial gait energy images. A synthetic database with destination views and multi-linear subspace classifier fused with majority voting are used to achieve arbitrary view gait recognition that is robust to varying conditions. Experimental results on CMU, CASIA B, TUM-IITKGP, AVAMVG and KY4D and datasets shows the efficacy of the propose method. Index Terms-gait; person identification; 3D gait model; partial similarity matching.
doi:10.1109/tip.2016.2612823 pmid:28113179 fatcat:yz3wordmtradnis7ieqleksxs4