Compact and efficient Nd:YVO_4 laser that generates a tunable single-frequency green output

Graham J. Friel, Alan J. Kemp, Tanya K. Lake, Bruce D. Sinclair
2000 Applied Optics  
We demonstrate 250 mW of single-frequency 532-nm output from a simple intracavity-doubled Nd:YVO 4 laser, pumped with 1.2 W from a fiber-coupled diode laser. The laser can be frequency chirped smoothly over ϳ17 GHz while maintaining a single-frequency green output of greater than 200 mW. A short Fabry-Perot cavity is used, and single-frequency operation is enforced by means of a birefringent filter that utilizes the birefringence of both the KTP doubling crystal and the Nd:YVO 4 laser crystal
more » ... th polarization-dependent loss from a glass Brewster plate combined with polarization-dependent gain from the laser crystal.
doi:10.1364/ao.39.004333 pmid:18350018 fatcat:abugmioqxjhvdb7fivt5xcjbgu