PAMELA: a satellite experiment for antiparticles measurement in cosmic rays

M. Bongi, O. Adriani, M. Ambriola, A. Bakaldin, G.C. Barbarino, A. Basili, G. Bazilevskaja, R. Bellotti, R. Bencardino, M. Boezio, E.A. Bogomolov, L. Bonechi (+57 others)
2004 IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science  
PAMELA is a satellite-borne experiment that will study the antiproton and positron fluxes in cosmic rays in a wide range of energy (from 80 MeV up to 190 GeV for antiprotons and from 50 MeV up to 270 GeV for positrons) and with high statistics, and that will measure the antihelium/helium ratio with a sensitivity of the order of 10 8 . The detector will fly on-board a polar orbiting Resurs DK1 satellite, which will be launched into space by a Soyuz rocket in 2004 from Baikonur cosmodrome in
more » ... hstan, for a 3-year-long mission. Particle identification and
doi:10.1109/tns.2004.829504 fatcat:jhgxwx7cibb3rkt4grhxwf63iq