An Innovative Approach for Gob-Side Entry Retaining by Roof Cutting in Steeply Pitching Seam Longwall Mining with Hard Roof: a Case Study

Li Zhang, Jing Zhao, Chuanwei Zang, Shuanlin Wang
2020 Mining Metallurgy & Exploration  
The application of gob-side entry retaining (GER) in steeply pitching seam longwall mining with a hard roof has always been a difficult problem. Based on the simplified roof beam mechanical model, the traditional gob-side entry retaining by packing (GERP) roof structure evolution process and its problems with use in steeply pitching seams are analyzed. Therefore, based on the unique characteristics of the gangue rolling and accumulating in the steeply pitching seam, this contribution proposes
more » ... innovative method of gob-side entry retaining by roof cutting (GERRC) in steeply pitching seam and details its technical process. The roof structures of the GERRC and the GERP are compared. Taking the Chang Gouyu Coal Mine as a case study, field experiments were carried out. This research finds that the GERRC can both overcome the impact of rolling gangue on roadside support and make the rolling and stacking gangue become a roadside support. The roof structure of the GERRC is in a one-time statically indeterminate state, which is conducive to the stability of the roadway. In the field test, the total displacement of the roadway roof and floor is 97 mm, the supporting pressure of the serried single props is less than 28 MPa, and the props have no obvious bending phenomenon.
doi:10.1007/s42461-020-00219-4 fatcat:b5zxt3ozprbfjncp2eeflt5lr4