Thermodynamic and adhesive parameters of nanolayers in the system "metal-dielectric"

V. M. Yuzevych
2018 Functional materials  
Evaluation technique of thermodynamic and adhesive parameters of interphase nanolayers in "metal -insulator" was developed by use of macroscopic methods of surface physics and thermodynamics methods of nonequilibrium processes. Typical parameters of interfacial interactions (interfacial energy, tension, density of electric charges, specific electrocapacity, electrical components of interfacial energy) for metals (Ag, Au, Cu, Fe) at Al 2 O 3 interphase were calculated. It was found that
more » ... found that increment of dielectric layer (Al 2 O 3 ) surface tension which is accompanied with increasing of interfacial tensions and energies, electric component of the surface energy, specific surface charge of double electric layer and contact potential difference. The developed technique can be used for evaluation of interfacial energy parameters of interaction between another physical nature composited pairs with taking into account the nature of the double electrical layer. Keywords: dielectric, metal, double electric layer, energy of adhesive bonds, surfaсе energy, hardness, electric capacity. Functional materials, 25, 2, 2018 V. M. Yuzevych et al. / Thermodynamic and adhesive parameters ...
doi:10.15407/fm25.02.319 fatcat:m6zzedrokfg7zerzojus463q2i