The collaborative dimension of social innovation. "#$!

Alessandro Bertirotti, Raffaella Fagnoni, Alessandro Bertirotti, A Bertirotti, Fagnoni
2016 unpublished
Shaping the way we think and act, technological progress is redefining the society we live in. In order not to be overwhelmed by their own tools, people try to build themselves and their aspirations through the imaginary. This one, charged with symbols and striving to represent the desires and anxieties of all of us, may be social as well as individual, thus becoming an active engine to rethink the future of a society that seems rooted in an eternal present. A new demand of change is moving
more » ... le, group of active citizens, realizing to live in a state of uncertainty, crossing crisis. Thanks to technology and networking they act creating a pervasive creative intelligence spreading collective and grass-rooted activities and bottom-up solutions to real, local and social problems. Terms such as communion and commotion (i.e. shared emotion), can assume a leading role in designing the world of tomorrow with actions oriented the most on processes than on products. Design, with new creative forms of collaboration, can facilitate this process. Keywords Emotions-Commotions / Social Innovation / Social Imaginary / Collaborative Dimension / Things and People / Conceivable Future The collaborative dimension of social innovation. "Quel che diventeremo continua a esser figlio di ciò che vorremo diventare. [...] Perché ciò che si salverà non sarà mai quel che abbiamo tenuto al riparo dai tempi, ma ciò che abbiamo lasciato mutare, perché ridiventasse se stesso in un tempo nuovo" (Alessandro Baricco, 2006).